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FRENCH ESTATE presents properties for sale in and outside Paris.

Founded by Jérôme Casanova after 16 years of experience in real estate, FRENCH ESTATE specializes in high-end service, in confidential sales, in transactions from abroad, and in customer relations.

Our main objective is to guarantee the satisfaction of all parties, buyer and vendor, thanks to our business expertise and to our knowledge of the market, but also thanks to our commitment in terms of quality, transparency and reliability.

With the most up-to-date technologies, our properties are being advertised on traditional websites but also on social networks with wide distribution campaigns that involve strategic local players.

Depending on a personalized marketing strategy, our properties can also be promoted confidentially within exclusive physical networks, locally and internationally.

With passion and commitment, FRENCH ESTATE serves you at every stage of your real estate project with personalized follow-up and constant dialogue beyond the final transaction.

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